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Woven Wire Mesh

Founded in 1830 by the Robinson family, initially to service the ceramics industry in the Potteries with wire cloth screens, we have continued to develop and expand our product range to meet market demands and supplying a wider range of industries.

Our move to larger premises in 2002 has enabled us to increase our stock-holding capacity, ensuring goods are available for immediate dispatch, both to UK and overseas customers.
Wire Cloth Mesh
  • The Product Range
  • Stocks are readily available from 2 mesh x 1.6mm, through to 500 mesh x 0.025mm wire diameter (11mm Aperture down to 26 microns). Mesh Stocks & Specifications Principally in Stainless Steel, some items are also held in a range of other alloys.
  • Types of Weave
  • The largest demand is for Plain or Twilled Weave, through to Plain Dutch and Twilled Dutch weaves for the finest filtration, down to 6 microns.
    Our highly experienced staff are on hand to discuss your requirements with you.
  • Cut Pieces
  • Extensive in-house facilities are available for cutting, slitting and blanking with discs, washers, rectangular screens or cylinders produced to your specification.
  • Enquiry/Ordering Information
  • Please Specify if possible:
  • Number of Apertures per linear inch
  • Wire Diameter(s)
  • Types of Weave
  • Alloy required
Wire Mesh
Types of Weave
Cut Pieces Wire Cloth Machine
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Advantages of using Wire Cloth

Accuracy of Pore Size
A wide range of Apertures
A wide variety of metals offering resistance to many chemicals and corrosive environments
A long life even under vigorous and mechanically testing conditions
An extended life because Wire Cloth can be treated with cleansing agents and re-used

Woven Wire Cloth is used at some stage of production
in almost every industry that needs to sieve, Screen or grade their products.
Examples include:
Powder Blending, Liquid Mixing, Aggregate, Polymer Extrusion, Insect Screening, Animal Feed, Chemicals, Minerals, Bio Fuels etc.